A Good Time to Paint Orcs

Since I started GMing back in 2015, I’ve never run with miniatures. Though, I’ve painted them for other games. Since there has been time to spare, the desire, but not equally so with cash, I needed to find some options on the cheap side. Like real cheap – Enter Dark Alliance.

The quality of these are fine. As in, they’ll work for how cheap they are. 50 orcs for $20 is a good deal, though I doubt I’ll ever need to run that many at once. So, it’s not as great of a deal as it could be if I’m only using half, but still not bad.

What I like about these figures the most is that they are a single mold and there isn’t any assembling required. Though I did opt to glue them down to some plastic to give them a wider base so they wouldn’t topple over on the table. Pro tip: if you do this just use gorilla glue and be done with it. The plastic on these minis is cheap and glossy like green army men and neither plastic cement nor super glue did literally anything to adhere.

Another note is these are 25mm scale and look small compared to the 28mm reaper or wizkids miniatures. They’re more like goblins instead of how I picture orcs, but like I said, they’ll do. While I was at it, I bought some Trolls from the same company. They should do nicely to stand in for a homebrew tribal ogre monster I’m cooking up for my setting. Details on them sometime soon.

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