Zinequest 3 Project Preview

Hey folks, Zinequest 3 project update. As we get closer to February, I thought I should post a little preview for my upcoming rpg zine: In the Shadow of Tower Silveraxe. The zine will be a modular setting adventure for Old School Essentials including a contour region map, 6 dungeons(of various sizes and levels), and town. Here we’re looking at the Dwarven town in the module—Karn Buldahr.

Two-page spread of the Dwarven town, Karn Buldahr.

The map began as a generated map from https://watabou.itch.io/medieval-fantasy-city-generator then was modified and stylized.

Stay tuned for more updates and previews. As of the writing of this blog post the zine is coming in at a whopping 48 pages of adventure! All the writing, cartography, layout, and art by me. Can’t wait to share more—have a great week y’all!

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