Month: February 2021

  • Dungeon Goons//Shrine of the Scorpion Lords

    Dungeon Goons//Shrine of the Scorpion Lords

    Taking a quick break between emptying my bank account to pledge the overwhelming amount of rad projects for Zine Quest 3 and wrapping up the art for my own project, I wanted to share a tiny project I have up on my page. My head is usually in the clouds so I often miss…

  • Awesome Projects Coming Out of Zine Quest 3

    What a week! With managing my first Kickstarter project, caring for my 6-month old whose going through some mega teething pains, day job work rearing it’s head, and the whiplash I incurred from all the cool shit people have created for Zine Quest—I’m spent. But I cannot complain. I wanted to post briefly about some…

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