Awesome Projects Coming Out of Zine Quest 3

What a week! With managing my first Kickstarter project, caring for my 6-month old whose going through some mega teething pains, day job work rearing it’s head, and the whiplash I incurred from all the cool shit people have created for Zine Quest—I’m spent. But I cannot complain. I wanted to post briefly about some of the projects that I’m most excited about as of day 2. I’ve backed quite a few, but these have got me so pumped to read and play.

Brutal Quest

This project by Nic Evans looks so rad. I recently discover his work on Instagram in a post he was advertising a rules light paper miniatures skirmish game. I ordered a copy of that and followed his upcoming project for Brutal Quest.

The art style is unique and sets the tone for the fast and violent gameplay the system promises. I love the paper miniatures and, as far as I’ve seen of what has come out or what is on the zine quest horizon, it’s the only game to be designed around miniatures. I can’t wait to flip through this one.

Bucket of Bolts

Basically, the sci-fi version of the super successful Artefact project from last Zine Quest from the same creators. Yes Please! In this solo game, you create a spaceship and its story. The Star Wars geek in me is stoked.

Bucket of Bolts will come in an A6 size pocketmod format, which I think is also unique among the field of projects.

The Vast in the Dark

A beautifully illustrated setting zine for D&D. The art and writing exude a flavor of dark exploration akin to the beginning of first Alien movie. It’s got rules for encumbrance and navigation which I’m eager to read as well.

The project describes that it is made for use with the “world’s most popular rpg game” which I take to mean 5e. I’ll likely try it out through Old-School Essentials, but I’ll wait until after I read the book before making campaign plans.

That’s all for end of day 2. I don’t know how much more of this my wallet can handle, but we shall see. So far I’m blown away by the field and couldn’t be more thrilled to be participating in Zine Quest 3 among an absolute murderers row of creators.

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