First Kickstarter in the Can

This last week my first ever Kickstarter wrapped up with reaching the final milestone—shipping out all of the rewards to backers. It was a great feeling of accomplishment to at last wave goodbye to all of the copies of my adventure zine as I left the post office, knowing that soon folks who liked the concept would get a chance to run the module at home with their own gaming groups. On my drive home, I was elated to have one giant line item on my to-do list checked off—my creative brain space now open to new, future projects.

The campaign for In the Shadow of Tower Silveraxe was a great success in my eyes. Since Zinequest 3 proper ended, I’ve had numerous preorders and interest from online retail shops including Exalted Funeral and Four Rogues Trading Co. By the way, Exalted Funeral sold out of the first shipment so if you are looking for a copy, I still have a few copies for sale on my shop and digital edition over on my page.

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Now What?

Seeing my hard work pay off and carry some momentum beyond is all well and good, but in the wake of the campaign, I am left with a feeling that I need to get back to the drawing board and follow up my first project with another, and pronto. Resting on my laurels is not an option. Thankfully, I’ve got some ideas kicking around in the old cabeza.

ItSoTS (In the Shadow of Tower Silveraxe) was written specifically for Old-School Essentials, and while not completely an esoteric RPG system, it’s still not what I would consider mainstream like 5e. Which is very encouraging—It’s freeing in that I feel free to create in any space that I like and use systems that I love and am not obligated to stick to what is being played: because it’s all being played. There is a player base for every system.

With that in mind, I’ve got two project ideas that I’m considering for my next. One is another adventure module for Old-School Essentials and the other is a Mothership zine. For either project, my aim is to keep the adventure shorter—bigger than a one-shot, but smaller in scope than ItSoTS which is, depending on the group, quite a long campaign. Another goal of mine for whichever project I start on next is to put a little more focus on presentation. I’d like to experiment on different printing techniques (though I was very happy with the results from Mixam. Big Thanks to them!).

That’s all for now. Stay tuned, I’ll be posting more as I cook up more ideas.

4 responses to “First Kickstarter in the Can”

  1. When we opened up our package earlier this evening, my wife grabbed it and was utterly impressed by the quality. She was nitpicking on everything, and loving all the details. It is an incredibly impressive first outing on Kickstarter. Congratulations on all your hard work paying off so well.

    Next up, we play it!

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