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  • Hearts of Battle

    Hearts of Battle

    Mass combat resolution using playing cards. This supplemental game is meant as a fun and tactical way to play out mass combat encounters in fantasy tabletop adventure games. Many games can produce large wandering monster encounters during wilderness travel, such as OD&D(1974), Expert Dungeons & Dragons (Cook), and their various modern retroclones. A wandering…

  • Using Chainmail with OD&D

    Using Chainmail with OD&D

    In this post I want to do my best to thoroughly cover using the Chainmail rules to handle combat in Original Dungeons and Dragons. At least, to cover the necessary rules to get a handle on the basics. Resources that I referenced while making this post: Dungeons and Dragons by Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson Chainmail…

  • The Gygax 75 Challenge – Progress Report

    The Gygax 75 Challenge – Progress Report

    This is a follow-up to a reddit post of my week 2 progress on the Gygax 75 challenge. I was inspired to go through the workbook created by Ray Otus which is free to download on Ben from Questing Beast posted a video detailing what the challenge entailed, which is when I began. Please…

  • Hunting in Dungeons and Dragons

    Hunting in Dungeons and Dragons

    In this post, I share some thoughts for hunting for Basic Dungeons and Dragons and Old School Essentials. The entry for hunting only mentions you have a 1-in-6 chance for finding quarry, but it doesn’t say how much food you can acquire. Never fear, I got this—hold my ale!

  • On Weather and Travel in Wilderness Adventure

    On Weather and Travel in Wilderness Adventure

    To add to the adventure atmosphere (ba-dum-tiss!) and help bring the campaign setting and overland travel to life for your players, the weather should be somewhat unpredictable for the Player Characters. However, in some instances, the weather forecast can, and should, be more accurately predictable based on observation and common knowledge.

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