• First Kickstarter in the Can

    First Kickstarter in the Can

    This last week my first ever Kickstarter wrapped up with reaching the final milestone—shipping out all of the rewards to backers. It was a great feeling of accomplishment to at last wave goodbye to all of the copies of my adventure zine as I left the post office, knowing that soon folks who liked the…

  • Dungeon Goons//Shrine of the Scorpion Lords

    Dungeon Goons//Shrine of the Scorpion Lords

    Taking a quick break between emptying my bank account to pledge the overwhelming amount of rad projects for Zine Quest 3 and wrapping up the art for my own project, I wanted to share a tiny project I have up on my itch.io page. My head is usually in the clouds so I often miss…

  • Awesome Projects Coming Out of Zine Quest 3

    What a week! With managing my first Kickstarter project, caring for my 6-month old whose going through some mega teething pains, day job work rearing it’s head, and the whiplash I incurred from all the cool shit people have created for Zine Quest—I’m spent. But I cannot complain. I wanted to post briefly about some…

  • Art for Zinequest 3

    Art for Zinequest 3

    We’re just a few days away until the launch of a ton of cool projects for Zinequest 3, so, like most of the creators involved, I’m in final countdown insanity mode trying to get everything triple-checked before I click launch. The thing I’m focusing on the most in this final week before is illustration. I’d…

  • In the Shadow of Tower Silveraxe – Announcement

    In the Shadow of Tower Silveraxe – Announcement

    We’re a little less than two weeks out from the kickoff of the Zinequest 3 event through kickstarter and I’m wrapping up the bulk of the production work for my upcoming adventure module: In the Shadow of Tower Silveraxe. The prelaunch page is live and now begins the rush to get the word out. In…

  • Gemthrone Wilderness Map

    We’re about two weeks out from the start of Zinquest 3 through Kickstarter and I’m posting another preview of my upcoming OSR adventure module called In the Shadow of Tower Silveraxe. This time I’m showing the full color version of the overland map for the adventure setting. If I did my math right, the map…

  • Zinequest 3 Project Preview

    Zinequest 3 project update. As we get closer to February, I thought I should post a little preview for my upcoming rpg zine: In the Shadow of Tower Silveraxe. Here we’re looking at the dwarven town in the module—Karn Buldahr.

  • Hunting in Dungeons and Dragons

    Hunting in Dungeons and Dragons

    In this post, I share some thoughts for hunting for Basic Dungeons and Dragons and Old School Essentials. The entry for hunting only mentions you have a 1-in-6 chance for finding quarry, but it doesn’t say how much food you can acquire. Never fear, I got this—hold my ale!

  • On Weather and Travel in Wilderness Adventure

    On Weather and Travel in Wilderness Adventure

    To add to the adventure atmosphere (ba-dum-tiss!) and help bring the campaign setting and overland travel to life for your players, the weather should be somewhat unpredictable for the Player Characters. However, in some instances, the weather forecast can, and should, be more accurately predictable based on observation and common knowledge.

  • A Good Time to Paint Orcs

    A Good Time to Paint Orcs

    Since I started GMing back in 2015, I’ve never run with miniatures. Though, I’ve painted them for other games. Since there has been time to spare, the desire, but not equally so with cash, I needed to find some options on the cheap side. Like real cheap – Enter Dark Alliance. The quality of these…

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