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  • Hearts of Battle

    Hearts of Battle

    Mass combat resolution using playing cards. https://gelatinouscubism.itch.io/hearts-of-battle This supplemental game is meant as a fun and tactical way to play out mass combat encounters in fantasy tabletop adventure games. Many games can produce large wandering monster encounters during wilderness travel, such as OD&D(1974), Expert Dungeons & Dragons (Cook), and their various modern retroclones. A wandering…

  • Using Chainmail with OD&D

    Using Chainmail with OD&D

    In this post I want to do my best to thoroughly cover using the Chainmail rules to handle combat in Original Dungeons and Dragons. At least, to cover the necessary rules to get a handle on the basics. Resources that I referenced while making this post: Dungeons and Dragons by Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson Chainmail…

  • Miniature Sculpting — Giant

    Miniature Sculpting — Giant

    I’ve been brainstorming on a new campaign setting recently and part of that is my plan to include the use of miniatures for combat situations with the Chainmail rules. As an experiment, I wanted to give sculpting my own miniature a shot. The sculpt I wanted to try first was my own take on the…

  • The Gygax 75 Challenge – Progress Report

    The Gygax 75 Challenge – Progress Report

    This is a follow-up to a reddit post of my week 2 progress on the Gygax 75 challenge. I was inspired to go through the workbook created by Ray Otus which is free to download on itch.io. Ben from Questing Beast posted a video detailing what the challenge entailed, which is when I began. Please…

  • Through the Valley of the Manticore – Announcement

    Through the Valley of the Manticore – Announcement

    I’m very excited to announce my follow-up adventure module zine for Old-School Essentials. This time around I will be launching the Kickstarter campaign as part of the first ever Side Quest event, specifically designed for indie zine creators to get there work out there and seen by a larger audience. I made a post earlier…

  • Hunting in Dungeons and Dragons

    Hunting in Dungeons and Dragons

    In this post, I share some thoughts for hunting for Basic Dungeons and Dragons and Old School Essentials. The entry for hunting only mentions you have a 1-in-6 chance for finding quarry, but it doesn’t say how much food you can acquire. Never fear, I got this—hold my ale!

  • I’ve Made a Huge Mistake.

    I’ve Made a Huge Mistake.

    Why oh why didn’t I pick the old one… Earlier this year I had begun planting the seeds of a future D&D group. With not too much convincing I was able to wrangle five of our friends here in town to get real nerdy and roll up some characters. Most of them had literally never…

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