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  • Art Process – Inking an illustration

    Art Process – Inking an illustration

    Last week while I was working on an illustration for Scourge of Northland I decided to turn the camera on and get some footage of my inking process. I may do more of these videos when the mood strikes me and they will be posted on either my instagram or on my Youtube channel. Enjoy!

  • Through the Valley of the Manticore – Announcement

    Through the Valley of the Manticore – Announcement

    I’m very excited to announce my follow-up adventure module zine for Old-School Essentials. This time around I will be launching the Kickstarter campaign as part of the first ever Side Quest event, specifically designed for indie zine creators to get there work out there and seen by a larger audience. I made a post earlier…

  • SideQuest, a creator-led funding drive, launches November 2021!

    SideQuest, a creator-led funding drive, launches November 2021!

    On the 8th of September 2021, the Zine Creators Workshop announce SideQuest 2021. This event is modelled after the popular ZineQuest promotion on Kickstarter. Designers will crowdfund games over the course of November. By pooling resources, they will shine a light on all their projects. The thinking behind SideQuest is simple. ZineQuest is so successful…

  • First Kickstarter in the Can

    First Kickstarter in the Can

    This last week my first ever Kickstarter wrapped up with reaching the final milestone—shipping out all of the rewards to backers. It was a great feeling of accomplishment to at last wave goodbye to all of the copies of my adventure zine as I left the post office, knowing that soon folks who liked the…

  • In the Shadow of Tower Silveraxe – Announcement

    In the Shadow of Tower Silveraxe – Announcement

    We’re a little less than two weeks out from the kickoff of the Zinequest 3 event through kickstarter and I’m wrapping up the bulk of the production work for my upcoming adventure module: In the Shadow of Tower Silveraxe. The prelaunch page is live and now begins the rush to get the word out. In…

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